LeagueTennis.com is excited to bring you the most dynamic referral program around!! While many leagues offer a one time referral bonus for bringing in a new customer, we believe you should earn LeagueTennis $$ every single season they play.*

Refer a player to LeagueTennis.com, and you will earn two LeagueTennis $$ each season they pay to play!!

How do LeagueTennis $$ work? Dollars are credited to your LeagueTennis.com account and can be used for:
  • LeagueTennis $$ in your account can be directly applied to your next registration fee at LeagueTennis.com.
  • When you have accumulated $50 or more LeagueTennis $$ in your account, you can request a gift card (in $50 increments).

Consider this…if you refer 15 players and they play 4 seasons a year, you will earn $120 LeagueTennis $$ and can use it to play FREE 4 seasons a year! Or if you refer 25 players and they play 4 seasons a year, you can receive four $50 gift cards and buy yourself a new tennis outfit! Refer 50 players and buy that outfit PLUS go out to a really nice dinner!! You get the idea!

Why do we give money away? Our goal is to create a thriving LeagueTennis.com community where everyone plays and everyone stays!! More players in the league results in better competition and shorter driving times to regular season matches.

How do I get credit for a referral? When you create a profile in our system, you will be assigned a “Referrer Code” to give to anyone you refer to LeagueTennis.com. Your code can be viewed anytime by going to the My Referrals page. It is extremely important that your referrals enter your code when creating a profile so that you get credit for the referral! An easy way to do this is to use the “Tell My Friends” link on the My Referrals page. This sends an email with a link to our site that will track your code automatically if they create a profile.

Once a league schedule is published, your account will be credited with two LeagueTennis $$ for any player who pays to play in that league and entered you as their referrer.

How does this work for Teaching Pros and other Industry Professionals? Teaching Pros, Facility Managers, Tennis Store Owners and other industry professionals can also take advantage of the referral program!! Simply create a profile and check the box stating you are a teaching pro and/or tennis facility or store employee and we will send you information about how this incredible program can work for you!! We will supply you with posters to display in your facility and referral card handouts to distribute. You will earn $2 for every paid registration.

So don’t waste time… start referring your friends and earn LeagueTennis $$!

* LeagueTennis $$ are only earned for paid registrations.

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