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June-July 2008/ Issue 8

Hello players!

We are happy to announce our June & July Good Sportsmanship award winners, Atlanta Junior Marissa Barrett (shown right) and Raibu Chacko from Plano, Texas! They will each receive a 1 year subscription to Tennis Life Magazine!

And don't miss our interview with 16 year old Atlanta Junior Melanie Oudin, who just turned pro and has climbed to #2 in the world in the ITF Junior Rankings, and has already been as high as #248 in the world in the WTA!

We are growing quickly, so in order to better manage the size of our newsletter, starting with our Spring Leagues, we will be sending a quarterly newsletter devoted specifically to our City Championship Results. This will include the winners of all leagues for the season, adult singles, doubles, mixed doubles and junior singles. So look for the Spring results as soon as we have our final results and pictures in!!

If you are playing in our Summer Leagues, be sure to review the rules on our Website - we have updated a few rules based on our experiences Winter & Spring. One of the most significant changes is the addition of a default time for regular season matches.

Of course, we can't pass up a moment to mention the incredible Wimbledon final between Federer and Nadal. This match had it all--5 close sets, quality tennis throughout, multiple rain delays, and an exciting finish just before dark. Talk about a nail-biter, consider that only 5 points separated the winner from the loser (209 vs. 204). And the sportsmanship of these two individuals was absolutely astonishing. They are exceptional role models for the game...next time you are on the court and in a frustrating situation, ask yourself, what would Federer or Nadal do?

So have fun and play lots of tennis!!


The Staff at LeagueTennis.com
Tricia, Prashant, Nicole, Bruce


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Ever wonder who plays in the our leagues? This month, meet the Kennedys from Dallas! The LeagueTennis.com version of Camelot :)

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LeagueTennis.com interviews 16 year old Melanie Oudin from Atlanta, Georgia. Melanie is currently #2 in the world in the ITF junior rankings and has been as high as #248 in the WTA rankings. Here is what she had to say about her incredible climb up the rankings in the last year!

LT:  Melanie, you have had an incredible run starting last Fall!  You have jumped to #2 in the world in the ITF Junior rankings and #255 in the WTA pro tour rankings.  To what do you attribute these incredible results?

Melanie:  I would have to say that i attribute my results to my hard work and discipline. I sacrifice a lot of things to do what I am doing right now, and as of now, it is paying off. I still have a lot more that I want to achieve, but I think I am going in the right direction. I give 100% every time I go onto the court and try my best and that is all you can do. I am dedicated to being a professional tennis player and hope to keep getting good results.

LT:  You had an incredible showing as a wild card at the Pacific Life Open and then again at the Sony Ericsson in Miami, going to the 2nd round at the Pacific Life. What was the high point of these tournaments for you?

Melanie:  The high point of these tournaments for me was really just getting to play in them. These were my first tier main draw tournaments and my first win in one which was pretty exciting. Mainly, being able to hang out around all of the players and seeing how people treat the players in those tournaments compared to some of the lower level ones. I had a great time there and I hope I get to play in a lot more of those kinds of tournaments soon.

LT:  So much exciting stuff is happening right now—you’ve just turned pro and entered into a sponsorship agreement with Adidas!  How on earth do you stay so grounded with so much going on right now?

Melanie:  Well, I have never really thought about myself being different just because I got a contract with Adidas and turned pro. At first it was a little nerve racking playing as a professional, but now I am used to it. I am very happy with the way everything is going right now and that I am still improving. Everything is still the same to me and I don't think that there is anything different going on now then there was a year ago. read full interview

Click here to visit Melanie's Website

by RCS Tennis Academy

Forehand Drill #1
This month Brian De Villiers, of RCS Tennis Academy, demonstrates a forehand drill with LeagueTennis.com players Alison McMillan and Cassidy Bruce!

This drill works on movement, agility & developing racquet head speed. Brian will feed the ladies forehands only, they have to adjust as quickly as they can, and use maximum racquet head speed to put the ball away!

Tips are filmed at Racquet Club of the South and edited by Tony Eisiliones of RCS Academy.

Click here to view video tennis tip

Brian De Villiers - Brian has traveled and coached extensively on the WTA and ATP Tours with several Pros ranked in the top 50 in the world.

Grant Stafford - Grant competed on the ATP tour for thirteen years with wins over Pete Sampras in 1993 and Marat Safin in 2000.

Visit www.rcsacademy.com

by Jeff Michaud

Is it a good idea to diet while working out, thoughts and strategies..

The answer to this question is actually multi-faceted. And here it is: yes and no, and maybe. The truth is, many people can effectively lose weight initially simply by reducing their daily calorie count. And cutting calories may allow an individual to continually lose weight for weeks or months until a desired weight level is reached.

For me in my personal training practice here in atlanta, it is really better to exercise more and eat smart, more veggies, less cookies, chips and soda.

But, for many individual's, particularly those whose weight loss goals border on the ambitious, cutting food intake and daily calories may not be enough to rearch a desired goal. read more

Jeff Michaud is an Atlanta personal trainer and tennis instructor who can help you lose weight, improve your tennis game, train for your next triathlon and meet your personal fitness goals. He is USPTA & AMFPT CERTIFIED

Visit www.FitnessWithJeff.com


We are excited to announce the launch of our Junior Singles Leagues in Atlanta! Spring playoffs are almost complete with our first Junior City Champions to be announced soon!! Summer registration ends Friday at midnight, 7/20 - still only $5 per player. Please be sure to tell everyone you know so we can grow the Junior leagues quickly!!

Ace Authentic is sponsoring our Junior Leagues and all players will receive a pack of Ace Authentic Tennis Trading Cards!


LeagueTennis.com player Kris Fleeman has a very interesting tennis business that we thought you might enjoy:

Introducing the “Tennis Tablecloth”! The first tennis tablecloth with the winning combination of unique design and durability. With the Tennis Tablecloth, you’ll WOW your teammates and fellow competitors with a truly unique, tennis tablescape. Manufactured using state-of-the art technology, the Tennis Tablecloth has eye-catching graphics that are permanently imprinted and heat sealed on poly-satin fabrics; therefore, your Tennis Tablecloth is guaranteed not to peel, crack, or bleed and can be safely laundered. The Tennis Tablecloth comes in green or blue and can be customized with up to 32 characters of text. Fits any 6’ table or picnic table (51” W x 94” L).

Visit www.TennisTableclothsAndMore.com

The Kennedys, Dallas, TX

Hi, I'm Rene Kennedy! Basically Cindy and I have a very similar story.  We are both busy Mothers of 5 kids each...yes 5!  We had talked about doing something just for us that would be fun and would be a great way to get into shape.  We started taking a beginner tennis class in May of 2007 and both quickly became addicted to the game.  Now we try to play 4 or 5 times a week and it still isn't enough!!!  I have even played in the snow!  Cindy and I are married to brothers, Scott and Shea (respectively), both whom used to play racquetball.  We have converted them to tennis now and regularly play each other in matches.  It is definitely fun for the whole family!  We are all very competitive and this is great for us because we all love spending time with each other!  We are planning a tennis vacation soon!

Shown left to right: Scott Kennedy & Cindy Kennedy, Rene' Kennedy & Shea Kennedy

The Kennedys play in LeagueTennis.com Doubles & Mixed Doubles Leagues!

IN THE SPOTLIGHT - Tennis stuff that any crazy tennis fan would enjoy!!

This month we have a little something for everyone!! Tournaments, Mixers & Clinics!!

Atlanta | Austin | Dallas | Houston


Sandy Springs TC Mixed Doubles Round Robin

Website:   www.sandyspringstennis.com

Dates/Times: Year Round, Friday nights 7 pm - 9 pm

Limited to 48 players. Phone registration accepted starting at 9:00 am every Friday morning. Small fee covers balls and courts. 404-303-6182 



Pharr Tennis Center Friday Night Tennis Mixers

Website:   www.pharrtc.com

Dates/Times: Friday Nights, 6:30 PM

Pharr Tennis Center has Friday night mixers starting at 6:30 pm. Various levels & drills. Lots of fun!! Call the tennis center for details at 512-477-7773.


Fair Oaks Tennis Center Drop-in Clinics

Information:   Fair Oaks Tennis Center Drop-in Clinics


Tuesdays - 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Intermediate to Advanced - Live ball drills for the player looking for more of a workout than instructions.

Wednesdays - 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Beginner to Intermediate
- Basic instruction along with some fun competitive drills.

Thursdays - 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Beginner to Intermediate - For the player looking to hone their skills -- lots of instruction mixed in with fun drills.

Saturdays - 9 am - 11
am, Intermediate to Advanced -
For the player looking for a good workout--no dead ball drills, no standing in long lines to hit 2 balls! Must be able to control the ball during the half court drills.

Saturdays - 9:30 am - 11 am, Beginner to Intermediate -
For the player looking to work on their strokes and have fun. A mixture of ball machine and live ball drills.

All clinics are $12, just show up!


Houston Regional Event 2008

Tournament Info at Active.com

Dates/Times: Saturday, October 11, 2008, 09:00 AM

Location: Lee LeClear Tennis Center,

World Team Tennis (Modified) format. A match consists of five no-ad sets and includes Men's singles and doubles, Women's singles and doubles and one Mixed doubles. The first team to six games wins each no-ad set. A nine-point tiebreaker will be played at five games all in any set. No player may play in more than 2 sets against an opposing team (not including Super Tiebreaker). Minimum of 4 players (2 men, 2 women). Players must participate in 2 team matches to become eligible for Nationals. All USTA members. Organization must be a member of the USTA.

Marissa Barrett, Dacula, GA & Raibu Chacko, Plano, TX

LeagueTennis.com is excited to announce the winners of our June 2008 & July 2008 Good Sportsmanship Awards!

Marissa Barrett of Dacula, Georgia participated in our inaugural Junior Singles league this Spring. According to her opponents, she brought a positive attitude to the courts each and every match and made it an enjoyable experience! Raibu Chacko of Plano, Texas participates in our Dallas/Ft. Worth singles and mixed doubles leagues. Raibu was described as a role model for good sportsmanship, even letting his opponent practice a few minutes after switching to a new racquet!

We are proud to to have players like Marissa & Raibu in our league! Each player will receive a 1 year subscription to Tennis Life Magazine for being such a good sport!

We want to stress to all of our players that Good Sportsmanship is critical to the success of our leagues. Treat others as you would have them treat you! And, if you experience a notable case of Good Sportsmanship while participating in our leagues--WE WANT TO KNOW! Just send us an email at support@leaguetennis.com with the details along with the names of the players involved! We will highlight the winners in our monthly newsletters and on our Website!

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