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January 2008/ Issue 4

This one is pretty easy for the staff at LeagueTennis.com:

1. Play More Tennis!
2. Watch More Tennis!
3. Build the Best Flexible Tennis League in the Nation!

To be honest, the first two are no-brainers for us as we don't seem to need any help playing or watching more tennis! But we are really serious about building the best flexible league in the nation! We won't achieve it overnight because there are already lots of great flexible leagues around, but we do hope to make serious progress. And we are depending on you to help us by continuing to provide us feedback on how to improve the league and by sharing our league with all of your friends who play tennis!

This month, LeagueTennis.com is launching a Good Sportsmanship Program sponsored by Tennis Life Magazine. Each month, we will choose a winner from player nominations. Winners will receive a 1 year subscription to Tennis Life Magazine!

Don't miss your chance to compete for our City Champion Title. You too can sport our coveted LeagueTennis.com City Champion T-Shirt like our Fall 2007 2.5 Women's Doubles City Champions, Lisa Bizzell and Ingrid Abram (pictured above).

Deadline for registering for the remaining Winter leagues is 2/11/08.

So have fun on the courts and be sure to wear lots of layers. And thank you so much for your continued support!


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WINTER 2008!

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(All Leagues FREE this Winter):

  • Atlanta Doubles - 2/11/08
  • Atlanta Mixed Doubles - 2/11/08
  • Houston Singles - 2/11/08
  • Houston Mixed Doubles - 2/11/08
  • Dallas Singles - 2/11/08

We added weekday women's leagues in Atlanta this Winter and will be introducing weekday leagues in Dallas & Houston starting in the Spring. Weekday leagues are especially for the ladies who wish to play weekday mornings and early afternoons. Be sure to tell anyone who might be interested because we will need a good turnout to get this started!

NEED A PARTNER?  Find a Partner was launched on our Website in November! So don't let the lack of a partner keep you off the courts! Find a partner for any of our doubles leagues!

All of our leagues will be $5 this Spring ($20 off the regular price of $25) Register Today !


Atlanta Fall Tournament Sponsor

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1 Hour Racquet Stringing!

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for sponsorship information.

Netcord is your total tennis site! Founded  in 1999, Netcord.com is built, managed and administered by tennis players.  Born in Atlanta, Georgia, home to the world's largest recreational tennis league ALTA, we have grown each year to become the all encompassing tennis site we are today. More than 16,000 USTA and ALTA teams have used our signature service to facilitate team communication since Netcord's inception.

People use Netcord for our service, to participate in our monthly raffles and trivia, to learn about upcoming events, to shop and for the fun. Now we are coming to Texas. Click on the link to view a demonstration of how Netcord.com's signature service can help you manage your league tennis team.

visit www.netcord.com


I wanted to take a moment to put in a personal word for our sponsors.

If you haven't visited I Play Tennis yet, you need to put that on your 'to do' list right away! The store has an incredible selection of tennis racquets, shoes, apparel and accessories. The staff is comprised of great people who really know the game! I met the owner, Dan Kester, on the courts of Atlanta's DaveFM Corporate Tennis League, where he brings a great game and a great sense of humor to every match! I Play Tennis is a wonderful supporter of Atlanta Tennis through sponsorship of a variety of tennis activities and through the staff's participation in leagues and events!

SportsNet International is also run by two great supporters of the game of tennis! I met David & Anita Chang on my very first visit to Houston. I visited their store to tell them about our league, and they took the time to listen and to share their knowledge on the Houston tennis scene. They are extremely knowledgable about the game of tennis and provide personal, professional service to their customers. They run a great tennis store with an incredible selection of racquets and offer one hour racquet stringing! So if you are in Texas, stop in to visit their store as soon as you can, or one the web at www.sportsnetonline.net.

If you live in Atlanta and play tennis, then you probably already know about the Netcord site. Netcord has an incredibly loyal following of team captains, tennis players and pros in the Atlanta area who use the site to manage their USTA & ALTA teams, use the services such as find a player/pro/or team, read the great articles, and shop in the marketplace. I visited Netcord for years before interacting with the Netcord team, Barb, Bart, Jerry & Bobby. Now that I know them, I can tell you I am very impressed with their friendliness, professionalism, and commitment to the game of tennis. No wonder everyone in Atlanta enjoys their Website! Netcord is now welcoming the Texas tennis community, so I strongly encourage our players in Texas to check out it out!

Tricia Reeks, Partner


LeagueTennis.com is excited to announce our 2008 Good Sportsmanship Program. Every month we will select a winner from player nominations. Winners will receive a 1 year subscription to Tennis Life Magazine, the fastest growing tennis magazine in the United States for five straight years and the official magazine of USTA Texas, Mid-Atlantic and Northern and the Nevada Tennis Asociation!

So if you experience a notable case of Good Sportsmanship while participating in our leagues--WE WANT TO KNOW! Just send us an email at support@leaguetennis.com with the details along with the names of the players involved! We will highlight the winners in our monthly newsletters and on our Website!

by Jeff Michaud

Tennis Match evaluation of one of my Players, Tennis Theory and practice of one of my tennis players in match play.

My general evaluation and thoughts about one of my tennis players, lets call her Cory, in a match and during tennis practice and drills that I observed, even if it was for a very, very short period of time, talking to her team mates and eating her snacks, which she told me I was able to, guess she forgot about that, but again that is neither here nor there. This was developed for Cory but could be used to talk about most tennis players that I come in contact with. Don’t get me started on THEM!

Cory has overall good swings and natural athletic ability, with somewhat lazy feet and maybe slightly slow ones at that.
The largest issue for most tennis players, and Cory is no exception, is taking the ball too low making her hit to many balls in the net, or turning the racket under the ball causing it to fly long. We will continue to work on these things and hopefully with this evaluation give her a black and white view of the things that I feel are important to her continued development. I will work towards having her simply take the ball higher (simply not let the ball drop below the knees), not giving ground and have the confidence to move up on the ball, moving vertically on the court (most players move just fine horizontally across the tennis court but moving up; in particular for most players including Cory is a problem).

read full article

Jeff Michaud is an Atlanta personal trainer and tennis instructor who can help you lose weight, improve your tennis game, train for your next triathlon and meet your personal fitness goals. He is USPTA & AMFPT CERTIFIED

Visit www.FitnessWithJeff.com


This month we spotlight local tennis events in each of our fair cities, and we think we have found something to interest everyone. Atlanta's spotlight is on Netcord Ladies Day (very fitting since we just added our weekday ladies leagues)! Our Dallas spotlight is on the drop-in clinics at Fair Oaks Tennis Center. And finally, don't miss the River Oaks U.S. Men's Clay Court Championship at the River Oaks Country Club in Houston! (boy do I wish we had a pro tournament in Atlanta again......) Enjoy!


Netcord Ladies' Day at White Columns Country Club

Information:   Netcord Ladies Day

Dates/Times: Thursday, March 6, 2008, 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

Netcord.com's first Ladies' Day of 2008 will be held Thursday March 6th, at White Columns Country Club. We will be on the court from 9:30-12:00 featuring drills from some of Atlanta's top pros. Following drills, join us for a luncheon. Margaritas and Michelob Ultra will be enjoyed by all.


Fair Oaks Tennis Center Drop-in Clinics

Information:   Fair Oaks Tennis Center Drop-in Clinics


Tuesdays - 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Intermediate to Advanced - Live ball drills for the player looking for more of a workout than instructions.

Wednesdays - 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Beginner to Intermediate
- Basic instruction along with some fun competitive drills.

Thursdays - 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Beginner to Intermediate - For the player looking to hone their skills -- lots of instruction mixed in with fun drills.

Saturdays - 9 am - 11
am, Intermediate to Advanced -
For the player looking for a good workout--no dead ball drills, no standing in long lines to hit 2 balls! Must be able to control the ball during the half court drills.

Saturdays - 9:30 am - 11 am, Beginner to Intermediate -
For the player looking to work on their strokes and have fun. A mixture of ball machine and live ball drills.

All clinics are $12, just show up!


River Oaks U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships

Information:   River Oaks International

Dates: April 14-20, 2008

The 2008 U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships, an ATP International Series event, will be held at the River Oaks Country Club, keeping the second longest-running USTA National Championship in Houston. Only the US Open has a longer history. James Blake & Tommy Haas have confirmed their participation in this year's event. Tickets are on sale now!

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